My specialty are atmospheric, multi-layered illustrations that reflect the diversity of humanity.

I am particularly familiar with LGBTQIA+ issues, feminism and activism, and archaeology. All of this influences my art.

I work with organizations such as museums, publishers and cultural institutions. I also create commissioned work for private clients 


Feel free to contact me if you want illustrations for your project that are contemporary and inclusive even if "diversity" isn't the main theme.

My illustrations create openness for complexity and thanks to my expertise in archaeology and (queer) feminism, I'm able to create images that critically question the status quo.

Private customers


Maybe you've always wanted to see yourself as a fairy sipping fruit tea in the forest.Maybe you're looking for that one gift that will be unforgettable. Maybe you need a business card that people like to carry around in their wallets for years. I'll be happy to help you!

Below you will soon find an overview of the various services I offer. However, this is not an exhaustive list. So if you have any more ideas: Just get in touch! 

Digital portrait based on a photo

I have decided to offer a solidarity pricing system. This means that I give a price range for each product and you decide what you can afford. The idea is that people with higher incomes compensate for lower fees, so that more people can afford art.

For each additional person: + 50 € 


What you get:

  • A digital portrait with the physical dimensions A4 (approximately, depending on the template) as .png 
  • Implementation of your wishes, e.g. adding butterfly wings or other animal/magical elements, jewelry, etc. I would also be happy to try to portray you in a way that gives you gender euphoria. I look forward to all your creative ideas!
  • One round of corrections: I will send you the finished image and you can still make requests for minimal changes (e.g. change the color if the background is monochromatic) 

Portrait (face/bust) with monochromatic background: 100 bis 150 €

Figure with monochromatic background: 120 bis 180 €

Figure with background design: 230 bis 330 €

Commissioned work

Whether you need beautiful invitations for a special celebration, a CD cover for your new album or a uniquely designed business card: I will be happy to develop a design that suits you and the occasion. 

The price of a commissioned work depends on the amount of work involved. We will determine this together in an initial consultation. Below you will find a few guidelines.

Larger or more complex work is of course also possible. Let's discuss this via email or in a zoom call! 

What you get: 

  • An initial consultation in which we clarify without obligation what you have in mind, what the work will cost and whether I am the right illustrator for you.
  • A first draft and a free round of corrections
  • A printable file with the agreed properties (e.g. cropped)

If further corrections are required, an hourly rate of €65 will be charged. 

small (you already have a clear idea of the motif/design; the motif does not have many details and no background design): 
100 bis 150 €

medium (based on your ideas and the objective, I develop a motif that may contain several elements): 
150 bis 250 €

large (I work out a motif based on your ideas and the objective; the illustration has a background with some degree of detail): 
300 bis 400 €


Event drawing

Are you planning an event and want to make it something special?

If you book me as an event artist, I will create colorful little drawings for your guests as souvenirs or sketches of the event that will capture the memory in a unique way.

We'll work out together what suits you best! 

Hourly rate: 155 €

Daily rate: 1220 €

(plus travel expenses if applicable)