About me

My name is Fynn Ross and I'm an illustrator from Bochum, Germany. 

In my art I deal with exciting topics such as gender and sexuality, power relations and activism. I like to tell complex stories and question what we think of as "natural" and unshakeable truths. I also really like green.

I studied prehistory and all sorts of other things and have a Master of Arts and a few years of excavation experience under my belt. I completed a scientific traineeship at the LWL Museum of Archaeology and Culture.

I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2019.

I prefer not to use pronouns for myself. If you struggle with that, please use he/they. 


I work in a variety of media and styles. Feel free to browse through my portfolio or stay up to date via Instagram and get an insight into my daily work!

Content warning: Some of the drawings show nude bodies.

Do you have questions?

I look forward to your message! Please let me know how I may address you.

I do not use pronouns. Please refrain from addressing me as "Mr." or "Mrs." and use my full name instead. 


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